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[Guide Zone] "Warrior Guide for Dummies!"

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I like your idea, I guess that is a nice build for a mix between Pot Use build and PVP build.

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Your point of view is correct in general. I'd say MP res is really important, as the Pot User build was used only for ^rain^, a mega maller from our server, she used the chinese build and I can tell you that was healing/healing done + dodge buff. Problem: she could die fast because of the low abs and no HP res. So HP res is a must-have for warriors, it's why we survive...

I have to tell people all the time: warriors are for PVP and PVE, not PVM(player versus mass)! If it was for PVM we would have more AoE skills. People tend to think warriors can go into war easily because we are though, but that does not make us a top high quality killer machine as our attack and skills are lower than Champion and Mage classes. Even tho MP res can be out, HP res out would be a mistake. The energy stone increases the damage if your attack is over 5k both PVE and PVP, bro. I tested in 5k attack, 6k attack and 7k attack. Unless something has changed, I'd like to see it first, what did you do to check it? Blood stone is nice, of course, but in the end energy stone prevails.

With 3 dodge rate buffs I avoid 3/4 of the stoper/debuff skills, so one more wouldn't help that much for a pot build when there is better choices.

I guess in this build I'll write as pure pot user and leave the mix builds for the people common sense.

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IMO best for warriors is HP Res/Tena/Abs.
Why full HP Res? - A good amount of HP Res (6k+) can outheal most major skills until they can be fired again. And don't forget you can fire your FC twice in that time.
Why full Tena? - Warriors have high (highest?) Tena, depending on your server (especially FB servers, you can't prevent them looking for build clues at this forum) people still use crit builds. Also, with high tena you can use red pdmg%/red mdmg% drills, which takes off damage of everything, mobs and players (crit and non-crit).
Why full Dmg Abs? - It does not just help tanking at instances, together with previous named drills it can take off (almost) all damage from the weaker skills, so you would just have to fear the major skills. And that's where the high HP Res comes in play again..

As you can see, all three attributes work together, so removing one of those would IMO be a bad idea. Single players can easily be outhealed by HP Res, Healing/H.Done would help this build potting out in wars.

Tell me your opinions, i'm no pro when it comes to warrior.

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Well, There is not a best build for any class, but there is the best build for each individual player. I posted 4 of the main pure builds we have seen so far and that actually worked. Being a warrior, a person knows how we lack MP res and how we hate when we can't cast a skill when the enemy is about to die.

I like your ideas, That you just mencioned is a mix build of PVP build with Tank build with a touch of Pot User...See? A mix build...My build is a mix of what I need to battle against Spartan Chars and what does make me stronger against them. Each situation requires a unique conter position. That's all. Thanks for your advices, hehe.

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I like the style of writing. Very well organized, detailed, and clear.

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is it good if i put hp res in my weapon? (attack,physical damage%, hit, hpres ) ;P

Posted on 2012-03-07 08:44:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

It is nice, in my opinion, to put in Tank build or Reflection build, but you can go for HP res in any build, except Pot User build (healing is better). But it is up to you whether you need it or not. Remember: a good char is the one we fit in our own qualities and experiences. =]

Posted on 2012-03-07 08:58:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

i thought perseus attack add damage to rageclaw? :P  should i ups it in my tp tree?

Posted on 2012-03-07 10:16:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

I dont really understand the perseus talents.. Like the one reduce spell hit idk whatevere? What does it do?

Posted on 2012-03-07 12:11:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

lots of info here, good job ana

Posted on 2012-03-07 12:12:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

One increases your hit rate buff which means more hit for your debuff skills. The other is for dodge rate buff which means you will avoid debuff skills more often from other players.