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[Guide Zone] "Warrior Guide for Dummies!"

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nice guide for warrior dude smile36

detail and easy to learn, yeah like ryan10/Tropical.. nice smile38

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great job, babe, now i know where have u been when i was looking for u in these days /yct23

Posted on 2012-03-05 11:29:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks, babe!  But I'm always back to your arms /8t  /26t

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well done bro!!! Perfect  /yct06

Posted on 2012-03-05 19:17:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Warrior is the best class there is! Bar NONE!
Great guide, will help a lot of the Warrior Newbies make a great character  
(LOL Well  maybe thats NOT a good thing)

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get rid of mpres on pot build and put other stuff...

pot build doesn't need hp/mpres ever

Posted on 2012-03-05 19:59:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Huuummm...Might be right, just that warrior lacks mp res...Let me check that and I'll give a report about it...

But the HP res is a must-have for warriors, we have the highest restoration speed among all classes. Problems:
   - If I take out HP res from armor, only abs or tenacity left to add;
   - If I take out HP res from belt, only abs or tenacity left to add;
   - If I take out HP res from cuffs, only tenacity or dodge buff left to add;
   - If I take out HP res from leggings, only tenacity left to add.

To focus on 4x tenacity (4x 33 crit res at gr12 = 132 + lv60 talent = around 200 tenacity) might be a good thing to aim for, but once again, HP res is really important even for Pot User build. If you focus on abs, that's 2x abs (2x 274 abs at gr12 = 548) and won't add that much defense, but would help anyway. One more Dodge buff would add only 38 more, giving a max of 152 (with talent would give more than 200 dodge rate buff).

In the end you would have to go for tenacity on all or none, because leggings go only with tenacity. If you go for abs, you can match dodge buff on cuffs, BUT only 1x tenacity (33) to add is worthless (total tenacity left would be only around 120)...a waste in my opinion as high level players have over 200 critical.

Conclusion: Either the player goes for a tenacity building with healing done OR he sticks to HP res build as in my opinion ANY warrior has to stick with.

What do you think, boobies?

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Posted on 2012-03-06 12:26:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

long time ago i saw warrior that i couldnt kill afk cos of his hp res. He was in guards

So i decidet to put full on my mage :) , i think warrior should have hp res and full crit res.

crit res on all g12 is around 280 with pet and all that. And hp res is huge :)

so i say tena + hp res, what ya think totoes

Posted on 2012-03-06 12:39:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Reply 16# smallboobies's post.....
Reply 17# totoes's post.....
pot build means=use put =full healing done+healing,.to complete you can never be stopped.= full dbuff on gears ..
if u get stun= no pot = cuicide = die.
and war rly need mp rest. and much more at pot build.bcs u focus pot hp if u use mp pot in sure u will die fast bcos 1pot hp 3k =9k hp 7k = 21k hp(war with full healing,healing done build)  tht is alot,  now  all pll  stronger,so much ignore def,mdef, any fl by mage 6k matk(easy)22k+. every class hits hard now.
with 3 mp rest no mp problem /yct15
pot build>>>>>>
weapon:atk, phsy dmg %, hit, healing, BLOOD on 5th add.BLOOD is very much better than energy.in WARRIOR n in some skills in champ .(and this adds one of its wrong anabolim)energy=hits more in mobs,BUT  I SURE U CANT PVP MOBS XD
helmet:atk, phsy dmg%, hit, healing.
glove:atk, phsy dmg %, hit, healing
rings:atk, healing, phsy dmg%, max hp
defense gears:
armor=def, mdef,dbuff,healing done,mp rest
cuff=def,mdef,healing done,dbuff,hit
leggins=def,mdef,healing done,dbuff,hp rest
girdle=def,mdef,hp,mp rest,abs
shoes=hp,mp rest, abs, healing done, hp rest
amulet=abs,mp,healing,healing done,dbuff
shield=def,mdef,dbuff,healing done,hp(or abs)
i'm Jheikon...
and i'm a warrior i opti for use all abs.
why? abs dont hv disable. its helping me alot to tank ....
GOOD guide bro, but u need chance something n complete it.
you forgot important things....
rc build, fc build, etc go visit me to talk :D

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nice  very nice

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394 sp